The Jefferson and Segal Media Cabinet


We received final drawing approval from Benjamin and Panee Segal today.  I’m excited because this is our first project located at Woodson, the first of 6 neighborhoods being developed in Playa Vista’s Phase II. Milling and assembly began right away to meet our Monday deadline for installation.

We have a special guest today here at the Jefferson, Raymond Olascoaga.


Raymond, looking puzzled, is helping Robin Baab with a 1/2″ galvanized pipe backdrop. The backdrop is to be used this weekend for the Whaling Club’s Cocktail Workshop here at the Jefferson.

Learn more about workshops at the Jefferson –

Learn more about the Whaling Club (Cocktail Catering Company) –

Nelson learned today – As he spends more time here at the Jefferson, he is learning that he shares workspace with some creative and talented individuals.

Nelson lessen suffering of others today by – helping Rachel cut foam board with a Festool plunge circular saw. Rachel Kashon is the talented owner/creative director of Lupa & Pepi – custom and ready-made papergoods and shares workspace here at the Jefferson. –

Darrin learned today – When drilling with a hole saw, one can get a cleaner cut when the hole saw is cutting from both ends.

Darrin lessen suffering of others today by – helping Dan open a jar lid with channel locks. Dan is the owner of the Whaling Club and shares workspace here at the Jefferson.

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