Sean + Eva Bench, Playa Vista, CA


Back in 2007, Playa Vista residents, Sean and Eva Person asked me to build them a custom bench.  They showed me some pictures of benches that they liked but, I wanted to make this bench something really special for them.  After some brainstorming, we discovered that their tea pot set holds sentimental value and will be something that is going to be displayed on their dining table.  So we decided to match the color of the bench to their tea pot set.  Sean and I created maybe 30 to 40 paper “mock ups” of possible bench legs and gave me an answer of which one they wanted days later. I decided to make the bench out of 1″ European plywood and the exterior wrapped in plastic laminate.  The bench then became known as the “graffiti bench.” Sean and Eva invited their closest friends to come over and tag up the bench with different color Sharpies and Marks-a-lot markers.

Sean left us a nice review, taken from the Cabinet Happy Yelp page –

“We have deliberately tried to make every home furnishing piece we’ve acquired really count, even at the expense of eating quite a few dinners on the floor, watching TV on the floor, [insert a task] on the floor. You get the point. Fast forward a few years, we had managed to snag a great dining room table, but no seating. We had an idea for a bench, a graffiti bench, something in a mustard tone to match a funky little tea pot set we keep on the table.

Enter Cabinet Happy!

We’ve seen their work in person and began to ask ourselves, why try to find the perfect bench.. when it could be done custom to spec.  Their attention to detail, their great interest in aesthetics, and their unyielding desire to create a quality product made the decision a no brainer. We called nelson, talked over a few design ideas, and ultimately settled on our mustard graf bench. His enthusiasm is infectious, and will really get you thinking about what it is you want to do.

The end result, we love it! Granted it’s changed a bit as we’ve had all of our friend’s sign it, however it stands in our home, utilized daily, top workmanship, and just awesome. I even sleep on it at times to stretch my back out, lol. It’s one of those things that simply draw inspiration. Not much more can be said, other than Cabinet Happy is tops..  hands down!”

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