“Wally” the $800 Custom Wall Unit

Hello Friends, Family, and past Clients,

This offer is only available to you. This is something new I want try in hopes to spread the magic of custom cabinetry to more people. If you need to get organized or need storage, here is your chance for something quick, fun, and affordable. I would like to introduce you to “Wally” our new custom wall cabinet system.  Wally can be used in just about any room – bedroom, office, living room, garage, laundry room etc. (please see sample pictures below)

What do you get for $800?

  • You get up to 16 feet wide of “Wally” cabinets (Wally can accommodate ceilings up to 9 feet high)
  • We will custom design your space to fit your needs using our Wally system
  • You get a 3D render of what your room will look like when designed with our Wally system
  • You get all materials, milling, and installation


What’s the catch?

  • Wally only comes in white melamine
  • Wally only comes in one depth, 11 3/4″
  • Wally is mounted by using exposed “L” brackets (unnoticeable when cabinet is filled)
  • Wally has no back, so depending on how flat your wall is, there might be gaps if your wall is not flat (unnoticeable when cabinet is filled)
  • Wally is a flat rate. $800 is both minimum and maximum. There are no extras or hidden fees. There are no discounts for a shorter wall.
  • Wally is based on minimal material design that does not sacrifice any structural integrity. It is designed to maximize 4’x8′ sheets of material. You will have a structurally sound wall unit with this design at an affordable cost. However, opening dimensions must be fixed based on our design (no adjustable shelves or custom sized openings within the Wally unit). It is also designed to fit 13x15x13 storage boxes for maximum storage.

If you are interested, please email me (nelson@hammerandwood.com) dimensions and include pictures of the wall you would like us to design using the Wally system.

Thank you! =)


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